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2011 Prince Edward Island potato conference and trade show

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Event Description

2011 Prince Edward Island Potato Conference and Trade Show

Wednesday February 16

th, 2011

Credit Union Place, Summerside PEI

The registration fee for the conference is $20, which includes a buffet lunch. Those interested in attending are asked to call 1-866-PEI-FARM by February 11. The storm date is February 17.


9:00 Welcome, Brian Douglas - Deputy Minister

PEI Department of Agriculture

9:10 Potato Disease Management from Seed to Storage

Dr. Rick Peters, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

10:00 Results from 2010 Lime Trial - effects on pH changes, yields of potatoes and rotation crops,and potato scab

Dr. Robert Coffin P.Ag., Potato Consulting Services Ltd.


Trade Show and Coffee

11: 00 Green Manures and Organic Amendments to Manage Verticillium Wilt.

Dr. Mario Tenuta, University of Manitoba

11:45 Update from PEI Potato Board


Trade Show


Dinner and Trade Show

Greetings - Hon. George Webster

Minister, PEI Department of Agriculture

1:00 2011 Fusarium Seed Piece Decay Testing Service Launch

Brian Beaton P.Ag., PEI Department of Agriculture

1:15 Industry Updates – Wireworm, Pesticide Registrations, Sustainable Ag. Program

Brian Beaton P.Ag., PEI Department of Agriculture

1:30 Identifying Planting and Harvesting Efficiencies

Randal Jewell, HJV Equipment

2:00 Cavendish Farms Nitrate Committee - Research results and strategies to reduce nitrate leaching in a sustainable potato production system

Dr. Zenaida Ganga P.Ag., Cavendish Farms

2:30 Results of 2010 virus trials- visual and laboratory detection of PVY in seven potato varieties

Dr. Robert Coffin P.Ag, Potato Consulting Services Ltd.

3:00 Virus Trial and Post–Harvest Test Results From 2010

Mary Kay Sonier, PEI Potato Board

3:30 Closing Comments

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