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Is PotatoPro a trade magazine?

Is PotatoPro an online trade magazine?

YES and NO

YES, because you can find just about anything you can find in a printed (or online) trade magazine.

NO, because PotatoPro is so much more…

Of course we rolled in the “Buyers Guide”, a staple of traditional printed media, but with the benefit of one-click access to the company website, social media, phone (click-to-call) or email, and information such as parent company, subsidiaries, factory locations and products. And because we don’t charge for a listing, you can indeed find the companies that might be relevant for you.

And we didn’t stop there. We added Events with some of the key exhibiting companies. We added country profiles, statistical data on consumption - and agriculture by country as well as by state/province, (in many cases going back to as far as 1960). – including exhibiting companies. And historic news going back over 5 years

Let’s face it, when is the last time you flipped through a paper catalog instead of searching for it online? Indeed, that's what we thought…

And IF PotatoPro was a paper document, you would not be able to use it, because with close to 100.000 entries, it would be far too heavy to carry!

All set for the (Mobile) Future!

The information landscape is changing rapidly...

  • When most information was still printed on paper, we offered it online.
  • As the news cycle started to speed up, we started to send daily news updates in addition to the weekly.
  • As video became more important, we started to embed video.
  • As screen resolutions became better, we used it to provide larger and more detailed pictures.
  • And we won't bother you with the technical infrastructure updates we made along the way...[OK, a tiny bit: PotatoPro uses a global cloud infrastructure running open source software and we operate as a virtual company, 100% paperless]

All set for the (Mobile) Future

Currently, we see a very rapid shift from desktop use to mobile. Luckily, PotatoPro is set up for use on mobile devices already for several years now. And it shows. Mobile traffic to (including tablets) amounts to about 40% of the total visits and this percentage is increasing month after month.

And we will keep implementing the latest technologies to make the user experience better and faster.