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What is the carbon footprint of potatoes and potato products? How it is measured? What is being done to reduce it?

The Carbon Footprint of Potatoes

The carbon footprint of potatoes is nicely visualized in the following video produced by Carbon Visuals for ADAS.

(Click picture to watch video)

The carbon footprint of a kilo potatoes (United Kingdom)

The Carbon Footprint of Potato Chips

Walkers (Pepsico) worked with the Carbon Trust and first analyzed the carbon footprint of potato chips (crisps) back in 2007. This was one of the first carbon footprints that was estimated and displayed on the package of any product.

Walkers (Pepsico) was one of the first companies to display the Carbon Footprint on the packaging.

Contributions of the different stages of the supply chain:

  • Raw materials: Potatoes, sunflowers and seasoning & packaging 53%
  • Manufacture: Producing crisps from potatoes 34%
  • Distribution 10%
  • Disposal of the empty packs 3%


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