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Advertising on PotatoPro: Media Kit 2019

What are the Advertising opportunities available on PotatoPro?

We created a set of straightforward options, because we don’t want to nickel and dime you with the little features. We’d rather spend time on providing you and our other readers with quality information and maximum exposure!

Depending of your campaign objective, you can choose for

1) year round exposure or

2) a lot of exposure all at once or

3) a combination
(the packages complement each other well).

1) Exposure for a Full Year

Get a prominent listing in the PotatoPro Company Directory at the top of the pages of the products you make; add your top product to our Product directory:
Add Big box ads to ANY page to target exactly the audience you want to reach; add 4 more products:
Add promotion in the Newsletters, Add your promo to the Sponsorbox, AMP UP the frequency of your Big Box ads, add unlimited products and reach for the best positions! Go for a:
The PotatoPro Sponsorship is available in the versions:
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
Compare the features of the PotatoPro Sponsorships

2) Maximum Exposure to Highlight a Single Event

For maximum exposure for a short time - e.g. a product launch, an event, an auction - use our

What's the next step?

If you have questions or want more information please fire off an email or schedule a call or Skype session.

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No more questions? If you are clear on what you want, go ahead and request a quote below or on the page of the specific product!

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Why Advertise on PotatoPro?

Where else? No other website offers the level of exposure to the potato industry PotatoPro can offer. Not even close. Is someone telling you otherwise? Just check the stats below and/or check the public Alexa rankings

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