Zafirakis Fruits is a Greek company, founded in 1974 growing, packaging and marketing of fruits and vegetables including potatoes.
Zakłady Przemysłu Ziemniaczanego w Pile ,,Zetpezet" Ltd. is one of the oldest and the biggest producer of potato starch and derivates in Poland.
Zapp's potato chips was a manufacturer of potato chips in Louisiana (United States), acquired in 2011 by Utz Quality Foods
The Zasso Group is a Swiss company that applies advanced power electronics for a pure physical (electrical) method of weed control. Its subsidiary Zasso GmbH is involved in a project to apply the technology for haulm killing of potatoes.
Zeracryl is a small research-based Norwegian company has developed a method to reduce the formation of the carcinogenic compound acrylamide during industrial production of french fries
Zerella Fresh is one of the leading suppliers and packers of potatoes, onions and carrots in Australia.
Zhangjiakou Danong Seed Potato Industry Co., Ltd. has a 100-m2 tissue culture room, a 100-m2 room for seed inspection and detection, 4 ha of house for minituber production, 333.3 ha of field for basic seed production and 333.3 ha of field for certified seed production.
Zhejiang Yixi Machinery Co. Ltd. is a producer of industrial friers based out of China.
Zhengzhou Longer Machinery is a professional nuts processing machine manufacturer in China.