Calbee Foods Co. is Japan's largest potato processing company, producer of (potato) snacks
Frente is a Japanese holding company that manufactures and distributes confectionery and savory snacks through its subsidiaries.
Hata Foods is a subsidiary of the Kobe Bussan Group which manufactures frozen foods, chilled side dishes, salad dressings and sauces. Among its products Hata Foods has a popular potato product line known as 'Potato Salad Bases'.
Ishida manufactures Weighing, Packaging and Inspection Systems. In North America Ishida is represented by <a href="/node/689">Heat and Control</a>.
Koikeya is the second largest manufacturer of savory snacks in Japan
N.P & Company is a Japanese manufacturer of Snack Processing equipment, including a Shrimp Cracker production line, single screw extruders and processing machinery for coated nuts.
The Japanese company Nichimo manufactures a slicer and dicer for vegetables including potato.
Yamayoshi Seika Kk is a savory snack manufacturer in Japan