Calbee Foods Co. is Japan's largest potato processing company, producer of (potato) snacks
Frente is a Japanese holding company that manufactures and distributes confectionery and savory snacks through its subsidiaries.
Hata Foods is a subsidiary of the Kobe Bussan Group which manufactures frozen foods, chilled side dishes, salad dressings and sauces. Among its products Hata Foods has a popular potato product line known as 'Potato Salad Bases'.
Ishida manufactures Weighing, Packaging and Inspection Systems. In North America Ishida is represented by Heat and Control.
Koikeya is the second largest manufacturer of savory snacks in Japan
N.P & Company is a Japanese manufacturer of Snack Processing equipment, including a Shrimp Cracker production line, single screw extruders and processing machinery for coated nuts.
The Japanese company Nichimo manufactures a slicer and dicer for vegetables including potato.
Yamayoshi Seika Kk is a savory snack manufacturer in Japan