Amica Chips is an Italian manufacturer of chips and snacks
Antonio Ruggiero S.p.A. is a potato packer in Italy
Automha is a systems solutions company based out of Italy.
Bag Snacks is an Italian snack manufacturer of Fried and Baked extruded snacks and snack pellets.
Boema is an Italian manufacturer of food processing equipment, including equipment for the potato processing industry, such as (abrasive) peelers and washers.
CDR Foodlab offers a line of quick analysis methods for fat content and the quality of fats and frying oil.
CEIA is a manufacturer of metal detectors frequently used in the food industry
Essedue Alimentare is an Italian manufacturer of Gnocchi
Fen is an italian manufacturer of machines to produce a wide range of products like snack pellets.
Part of the United Nations, the primary task of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is to achieve food security for all