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Companies in China

Guyuan County Tuda Potato Planting Co., Ltd. has 1,000 m2 of greenhouse, 6.7 ha of net house, and 200 ha of field for seed multiplication. It can produce 8m plantlets, 15m minitubers, and 6,000 t of basic seeds annually.
Guyuan Hejian Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. has 3.3 ha of net house and 6m ha of potato field. It can produce 12.5m minitubers, 3,000 t of basic seeds, 4,500 t of certified seeds, and 10,000 t of fresh potato annually.
Our company mainly deals in potato fresh, seed potato, vegetables and small grains. We have good products and professional sales and technical team. Our company belongs to the Yellow Pages industry of Guyuan potato planting industry.
Guyuan Zhongfeng Agriculture Co., Ltd. has 3,800 m2 of intelligent greenhouse, 800 m2 of constant-temperature storage space and ordinary storage space with a capacity of 15,000 t.
Hailar Maifulao Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of potato flakes
Hebei Jiuen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has 480 m2 of tissue culture room and 18.3 ha of greenhouse and net house for minituber production. The facility can produce 30m minitubers annually.
Henan GELGOOG Machinery Co., LTD is a global supplier for professional production frying equipment
High Dream Intellectualized Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of multi head weighers.