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Companies in China

We are a potato processing machine manufacturer based off Zhucheng, China
Hongji Agriculture is a Chinese company specialized in the multiplication of seed potatoes and the production of potato flakes.
Hua Song is a potato Supplier based out of China.
Agricultural and sideline food processing industry.
Hubei Renseng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 34,000 m2 and is mainly engaged in potato/sweetpotato starch production, marketing and R&D.
Hubei Wuling Mountain Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in potato planting, producing, processing and R&D.
Huhhot Huaou Starch Products Co Ltd is a manufacturer of potato starch located in Inner Mongolia, China 
The Inner Mongolia Grade Seed Potato Co., Ltd. is a Chinese supplier of seed and table potatoes.