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Chips Maxx

Chip's Maxx light snacks consist of processed potatoes, corn, and rice, thereby combining the useful substances of these cereals as well. The technology of Chip's Maxx provides 5 times less frying time than traditional potato chips.

The modern technology of combination of these products allows achieving the lightest air structure, which gives a unique crunch and prevents the retention of fat inside.

For frying Chip's Maxx except for sunflower oil, using a specially refined palm olein, which has a much higher boiling point than the temperature of the cooking and is a natural antioxidant due to its high content of vitamin E, which is used even for baby food.

As a part of light snacks, Chip's Maxx is natural flavors and selected ingredients. Hot Chip's Maxx Wasabi have created a new taste for connoisseurs of very ho-o-ot sensations!
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Chips Maxx
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