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Heat and Control

Company Description
Heat and Control is an international manufacturer of equipment with over sixty-five years’ experience and expertise in the potato processing industry.

In addition to the latest technology and highest quality equipment for processing, product handling, packaging and inspection, Heat and Control is committed to providing the industry’s best service; before and after the sale.

Total support includes testing and demonstrations, engineering and applications assistance, project management, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operator training and service and parts support.

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Video presentation of the Snack Processing and Packaging Systems offered by Heat and Control

With its subsidiaries, Spray Dynamics and Flavorite; and partners Ishida and CEIA, Heat and Control can provide a single machine or the complete line for all production capacities and budgets.

As a privately owned and operated company, commitment to quality products, continued improvement and responsive expert service is understood as an important part of maintaining long term partnerships.
Product Types

Flavorite Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Flavorite Foods & Services Pvt. Ltd is a decade old establishment operating in India, providing engineering solutions for potato chips, frozen french fries, potato flakes, extruded snacks/pellet snacks frying and ethnic Indian snacks frying.

Spray Dynamics

Spray Dynamics builds applicators for oils, seasonings, vitamins, tack and release agents, chocolate, yogurt and candy coatings, anti-oxidants, polishing wax, and anti-clumping agents.
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21121 Cabot Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545-1132
United States
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