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Ingredion / National Starch

Company Description
Ingredion is the new company name for the former companies Corn Products International and National Starch.

For the Food Industry, National Starch manufactures Specialty starches, flours and other natural ingredients to improve texture, shelf stability, flavor, nutrition and mouthfeel, and to add many other characteristics that translate into marketing benefits for food manufacturers. 

Applications include:

  • fruit preparations, meals and canned foods;
  • binders for meat and fish products and pet foods;
  • coating agents to control texture, crispiness and appearance in battered foods;
  • high amylose resistant starches that add natural dietary fiber from corn to a wide range of processed foods without changing their taste, texture or appearance;
  • ingredients that control the moisture retention, texture and structure of baked dough and their fillings.
Before Corn Products International acquired National Starch in 2010, the company was part of the ICI company, since 2007 part of Akzo Nobel.
Product Types

Penford Food Ingredients

Penford Corporation Penford Food Ingredients (PFI) offers a complete line of  cost-effective starch, dextrose and dextrin ingredients based on corn, potato and tapioca starches.
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