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Kolnag LLC

Kolnag LLC is a well-known Russian manufacturer and supplier of modern agricultural equipment for intensive resource-saving technologies in the field of potato and vegetable production, as well as for the preparation and distribution of balanced feed mixtures to cattle.

The birth of the company in 1995 coincided with the period of development of conversion products at a number of defense enterprises, one of which was the Engineering Design Bureau (Kolomna, Moscow Region). The strong production base of the EDB, the solid experience of domestic machine-builders and fruitful cooperation with well-known western manufacturing plants formed the basis of the young joint venture.

Over the 15 years of its existence, Kolnag has made a systematic transition from the "screwdriver assembly" phase of three types of licensed agricultural machinery to its own production of 14 types of machines and modifications, not inferior in quality to their Western counterparts.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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