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Konya Şeker Industry and Co.

Konya Şeker is the largest sugar manufacturer of Turkey and a member of a cooperative organization of nearly 60.000 employees.

In January 2009 Konya Seker opened a facility for the production of frozen french fries with 5.000 kg/hour final product processing line and a storage capacity of 5 thousand tons of finished products.

Soon, the company became the market leader in Turkey with a market share of 25% and in 2013 the capacity of the facility was increased by 120 percent to 11 tonnes/h.

Konya Seker has become a pioneer in potato farming in this region.

The Potato Processing operations are located on the Konya Şeker Seydibey Campus, where the company also operates two natural storages cut out of the mountains, good for a storage capacity of 20 thousand tons potatoes.

A range of potato products and potato specialties are sold under the Torku Pratiko brand.

In 2013 the company also opened a potato starch production plant on the Konya Şeker Seydibey Campus so Turkey would no longer need to import potato starch.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Konya Şeker Industry and Co.
  • Seydibey APPI Plant, Kavak Mahallesi, Seydişehir Beyşehir Yolu 14. KM, Bayavşar Kasabası - Beyşehir
    42360 Seydişehir/Konya