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Norika-Slavia is the exclusive representative of Norika in the Russian Federation, it supplies seed to Russia from Germany, oversees the production and sale of seed potatoes produced in Russia, advises and provides technological support for the production.

The company pays particular attention to the health of the source seed. Since 2013, all original NORIKA seeds have been produced in the northern part of Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea - in Germany and on the island in the North Dvina River Delta in the Arkhangelsk Region in Russia. These territories have excellent spatial isolation, lack of sources of bacterial diseases and carriers of viral infections, as well as soils ideal for the production of seed potatoes.

Varieties from NORIKA are created and selected by breeders for different directions of use. Russian seed production in the company is based on many years of European experience, adapted to Russian conditions. Seed potatoes are produced according to the "seed" technology, all plantings and finished lots are tested and certified, as well as tested in leading laboratories for latent infection with viral and bacterial infections.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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