Oven LLC

Oven LLC is one of the production enterprises of Prikamye that grow potatoes according to new technologies.

Initially, the farm was engaged in animal husbandry, namely breeding Romanov sheep. The name for the company was chosen based on this; at the same time, animal feed was grown.

Then, evaluating the profitability and advantage of the industries, the farm reclassified. The cultivation of potatoes became the main specialization of the farm. Over time, the growing of cereal crops was developed.

In 2005, a modern potato storage facility for 11,200 tons was built.

In 2008, the company began its work under the brand name “Perm Potato” under the Ministry of Agriculture of Permskiy Kray; in the same year, a potato washing line was launched.

Today, the company has an experienced team of specialists, modern technology, a labor automation system, which allows it to occupy leading positions in various ratings.
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ООО «Овен»
  • Suksunsky district, village Martyanovo