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Companies in Pakistan

Potato grower in Pakistan, currently planning french fry production
Gul's Crispy Food is a company in Pakistan manufacturing and distributing flavoured fresh french fries in the Karachi region.
INSTA Food Industries is a new modern enterprise specializing in the processing of dehydrated Potato and its by-products from Pakistan.
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is the national organization working in close collaboration with other federal and provincial institutions in the country to provide science based solutions to agriculture of Pakistan
Pakistan Onion Potato is a grower, processor and exporter of Pakistani agro products such as Pakistani potatoes, Pakistan Red onions and Pakistan Basmati Rice.
Pepsico Pakistan (Pepsi-Cola International (PVT) Limited) operates as the Pakistan based subsidiary of Pepsico
The Pepsico Multan Snacks plant in Pakistan is scheduled to start operations early 2019
Snack City is a recently established potato chips brand in Pakistan, by the company Ismail Industries Limited.