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Produce Investments PLC

Company Description
Produce Investments PLC is a United Kingdom-based holding company for the Greenvale Group of companies.

The Company is organized into three segments: Fresh, Processing and Other.

The Fresh segment consists of the sites, staff and assets that grow, source, pack and deliver fresh produce to customers, ranging from retailers, wholesalers to small private businesses. This covers potatoes and daffodils.

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Produce Investments PLC Corporate Structure

The Processing segment consists of the staff and assets that supply pre-prepared potato products which are ultimately sold as ingredients for food manufacturers.

The Other segment consists of seed sales for both the United Kingdom and export, traded volume where Greenvale acts as an intermediary between the farmer and the end customer taking a small margin to cover costs, and all sales activities of Restrain Company Limited, a subsidiary that provides ethylene based storage solutions for potatoes and onions.
Product Types

Greenvale AP

Greenvale AP is a leading supplier of fresh potatoes and the UK's largest grower of organic potatoes. The company operates two packing facilities.

Restrain Company Ltd

Restrain offers sprout inhibitions systems for the storage of potatoes and onions based on ethylene gas.

Jersey Royal Company

The Jersey Royal Company is a fully integrated produce company growing, grading, washing and packing Jersey Royal New Potatoes for UK retailers.

Swancote Foods

Swancote Foods was established in 1995 in the United Kingdom to manufacture cooked potato ingredients. In 2007, the company was acquired by Greenvale AP.

Greenvale Seed

Greenvale Seed is a major grower and supplier of seed potatoes located in the United Kingdom.
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United Kingdom
+44 1890 818120

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