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tna Netherlands Manufacturing (formerly Florigo Industry BV)

Company Description
A Subsidiary of:
Florigo Industry BV is a manufacturer of processing equipment for the potato processing industry, including complete processing lines for French Fries, Potato Chips/Crisps & Snacks, Potato Flakes & Granules.

Florigo Industry is the reliable and committed partner of renowned potato, vegetable and cheese processing companies in over 80 countries worldwide.

Florigo Industry is widely recognised for its ability to support its customers in their ambition to boost capacity, improve quality, and increase output capacity and efficiency.

Florigo Industry's equipment has been shown to provide consistently high-level performance under a wide variety of line speeds and product varieties, allowing Florigo Industry customers to achieve and maintain top-level productivity with an absolute minimum of labour.
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De Bleek 5
3447 GV Woerden
+31 - 348 439 394
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