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Tolsma-Grisnich Group

Company Description
Tolsma-Grisnich is a Dutch specialist in intelligent storage technology and the company is renowned for automating and optimising the processing of agricultural products.

The combination of technology and storage advice results in the highest possible storage efficiency for customers. The strength of Tolsma-Grisnich lies in the company's very broad expertise and experience in storing and processing agricultural products. This is reflected in customer-specific installations and turnkey projects for storing, processing and packaging.

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Corporate video presentation of the Tolsma-Grisnich Group (2017)

Product Types

Tolsma Techniek

Tolsma Techniek is specialized in building Storage Systems for potatoes and other root crops.

Farm Electronics Ltd

Farm Electronics Ltd is a British manufacturer of Ambient and Refrigeration Potato Storage Cooling Systems sold under the Cropscan brand.

Machinefabriek Grisnich BV

Grisnich BV builds systems for unloading, transportation, sorting and washing of potatoes
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