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Utz Quality Foods, Inc.

Company Description
Utz Snacks is the largest independent privately held snack brand in the United States. Weekly, Utz produces over 1 million pound of potato chips and nine hunderd thousand pounds of pretzels in 4 manufacturing facilities.

Utz Quality Foods, Inc. is well-known for its line of potato chips: Regular Utz Potato Chips, Grandma Utz Potato Chips, Kettle Classics Potato Chips, Home style Potato Chips, Mystic Potato Chips and Baked Crisps.  Utz also produces a natural line of potato chips, as well as pretzels, tortilla chips, multi-grain sunflower chips, cheese curls and popcorn. Utz Quality Foods, Inc. distributes its brands primarily throughout the East Coast.

Utz Quality Foods began in 1921 as "Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips” when William and Salie Utz began making potato chips in their home in Hanover, Pennsylvania, with an initial investment of $300. The Utz’s worked together to produce the chips and then deliver them to local grocery stores and farmers’ markets in the Hanover and Baltimore, MD areas.

Today, Utz produces a full line of snack foods in its four Hanover, PA based manufacturing facilities and employs over 2,200 workers.

Utz Hanover plant - Hanover, Pennsylvania

Utz Hanover plant - Hanover, Pennsylvania (Courtesy: Conewago)

Product Types

Good Health Natural Products, Inc

Good Health Natural Foods is a snack manufacturer offering a number of innovative snacks, such as Avocado oil potato chips, Olive oil potato chips and Humbles Baked Hummus Chips.

Snyder of Berlin

Snyder of Berlin is a manufacturer of potato chips and other savory snacks in the United States. The company is part of Birds Eye foods.

Savor Street Foods (The Bachman Company)

Savor Street Foods is the new name of the snack maker in Pennsylvania formerly known as The Bachman Company, after it sold its brands and one of its production facilities to Utz Quality Foods in 2012.

Golden Enterprises, Inc

Golden Enterprises, Inc. is a small publicly traded snack food company operating in the Southern United States.

Zapps potato chips

Zapp's potato chips was a manufacturer of potato chips in Louisiana (United States), acquired in 2011 by Utz Quality Foods

Tims Cascade Snacks

Tim's Cascade Snacks is a manufacturer of potato chips and popcorn in 2019 acquired by Utz Quality brands.

Wachusett potato chip Co.

Wachusett potato chip company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts has been acquired by Utz Snack Food Co.

Condor Snack Company

The Condor Snack Company, a subsidiary of Utz Quality Foods is a snack manufacturer in Denver Colorado.

Keystone Pretzels

KeyStone Pretzels, a subsidiary of Utz Quality Foods, is baking pretzels since 1913 in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
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900 High Street
Hanover, PA 17331
United States
+1 (717) 633-5102
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