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Researchers from Aarhus University are comparing greenhouse gas emissions from a conventional potato crop rotation on drained peat soil with the cultivation of reed canary grass for biomass production on undrained or poorly drained peat soil.

Peat soils in Denmark: Stop drainage and cultivate reed grass instead of potatoes, says agricultural emissions study

Julio 12, 2023
Drained peat soils in Denmark account for about one-third of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.
Buteo HSI Newtec Plastic

Not just potatoes: Newtec investments in camera technology could revolutionise plastics recycling

Junio 04, 2023
A Danish trio of partners is developing super-high-resolution, hyperspectral cameras that can determine the chemical composition of plastic waste and the different additives. The technology will have a huge impact on future plastics recycling.
Newtec Laser Flowpack 700 laser flow wrapper

Revolutionise Your Packaging Game: Meet Newtec’s Laser Flow Wrapper and Save Money!

Mayo 23, 2023
With the new EU-regulations in place requiring companies to pay for the packaging they produce, there is now a great incentive for businesses to seek out packaging solutions that can handle ultra-thin film.
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Newtec Optical Sorting Celox-P-UHD

Launch of new video: How can Newtec Celox-P-UHD optimise your potato sorting?

Abril 03, 2023
Newtec's optical sorting machine for potatoes, model Celox-P-UHD, is designed to sort potatoes by size, shape and quality in a single-stage process.
Newtec Optical Grading of Potatoes by Quality, Size and Shape

Newtec's optical sorting equipment for potatoes just got smarter thanks to Hailo AI chip

Marzo 20, 2023
Qtechnology Selects AI Chipmaker Hailo to Empower its Embedded Industrial Cameras The Qtechnology industrial camera series, now with the Hailo-8™ AI processor, will significantly improve performance for manufacturers worldwide.
Newtec Spinaflex Belt Celox P UHD

3D printing increases strength and decreases weight of Newtec's sorter camera

Noviembre 13, 2022
Newtec Engineering A/S makes optical sorting machines as well as packing and weighing machines for potatoes. One of the cameras they use was just optimized for 3D printing.
The Mini Weigher efficiency enables maintaining production levels while delivering fresh quality fruit. (Courtesy: Newtec)

Newtecs 2008PCM Mini Weigher solution for processed food products

Octubre 31, 2022
Newtec's 2008PCM Mini Weigher addresses the needs of the fresh produce and ready-to-eat industries with accurate and high-speed services. Newtec is a pioneer in providing weighing, packing and sorting machinery.
Newtec Weighing Accuracy, Potatoes.

How potato packers get the right amount of potatoes in each bag

Octubre 29, 2022
Have you ever wondered how potato packers fill each bag with exactly the right amount of potatoes? All potatoes have different weights and as packaging sizes get smaller, this task get harder. Newtec - a supplier of technology that guarantees weighing accuracy - explains how it can be done.
AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch business

AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S

Octubre 17, 2022
With effect from October 7, 2022, the Danish farmer-owned cooperative AKV Langholt AmbA has acquired Cargill’s 50% share in their mutual joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S.
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Newtecs High-Performance Optical Sorting Machine for Potatoes.

Not only for weighing and packing: Newtec offers equipment for optical sorting of potatoes

Octubre 15, 2022
Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packing and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. With more than 20,000 successful installations over the last 45 years
DanRoots and Newtec: A collaboration for accurate and efficient weighing and packing of a new organic snack carrot variant.

DanRoots and Newtec: A collaboration for accurate and efficient weighing and packing of a new organic snack carrot variant

Septiembre 12, 2022
DanRoots selected Newtec's weighing and packing solution to optimize production sustainably. Newtec’s innovative weighing solutions offer reliability and efficiency of production for customers in the food industry.
Newtec Celox-P-UHD for Potato Sorting.

Newtec Celox-P-UHD sorter helps out potato supplier Storøhage Kartofler

Agosto 22, 2022
One happy, long-term Newtec customer is Peter Anker Nielsen, CEO and owner of Storøhage Kartofler, a potato supplier that grows high-quality potatoes from the extraordinarily nutrient-rich agricultural area


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