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WPC President Peter VanderZaag, and Mr. Xiaoping Lu, WPC International Advisor and retired Director of the CIP-China Centre for Asia and Pacific (CCCAP).

World Potato Congress President Peter VanderZaag addresses the 13th Annual Chinese Potato Expo held in Shandong Province, China.

Noviembre 15, 2023
WPC President Peter VanderZaag was honoured to receive an invitation to deliver an address at the Chinese Potato Expo, held in Shandong Province
Lamb Weston Ulanqab Inner Mongolia opening

Lamb Weston Celebrates the Grand Opening of its new French Fry factory in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, China

Noviembre 07, 2023
Members of the executive team of Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. joined with distinguished guests to celebrate the grand opening of the company’s new processing facility in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, China.
Grisnich receiving, cleaning and sorting plant in China

Tolsma-Grisnich supplies potato receiving, cleaning and sorting section for french fries and potato specialty plant in China

Octubre 02, 2023
By the end of 2022, in a well-known potato growing area in China, the factory buildings were ready to be furnished with a Grisnich receiving, cleaning and sorting plant.
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Shanghai World of Packaging (swop)

Shanghai World of Packaging to take place annually starting 2024

Agosto 07, 2023
The Shanghai World of Packaging (SWOP) will be happening every year from 2024. Under the Interpack alliance umbrella, the trade fair is paying even stronger attention to the requirements of the local market and is strengthening international relations within the processing and packaging industry.
China: Average Wholesale Prices of Fresh Potatoes (RMB/kg)

China: Frozen French Fry Exports Exceed Imports

Julio 18, 2023
Fresh potato production for MY 2022/23 (September to August) is forecast at 93 million metric tons (MMT), a small decrease from the estimated 95 MMT produced in MY 2021/22 owing to reduced acreage.
Veg of lund receives a Swedish patent protecting the company's plant-based ice cream

Veg of Lund signs letter of intent to sell its DUG potato based dairy alternatives in China

Julio 10, 2023
Veg of Lund has signed a Letter of Intent with Haofood Shanghai Food Technology Co., Ltd. The companies will cooperate with the common goal of selling, marketing and distributing Veg of Lund’s products - potato based dairy alternatives - under the DUG® brand in China early in 2024.
Jianmin Xie, International Advisor at World Potato Congress Inc

World Potato Congress Inc. welcomes Jianmin Xie as International Advisor.

Julio 09, 2023
The World Potato Congress Inc. Board Of Directors announced Mr. Jianmin Xie in a key role as an International Advisor.
China’s total arable land has decreased amid rapid urbanisation in recent decades, but the trend has reversed for the past two years

China bans 'one-size-fits-all' approach to farmland reclamation amid food security drive

Junio 23, 2023
China’s top land use regulator has warned local authorities against blunt efforts to reassign land for crops amid a national push for food security.
BRI Agri Institute Launched To Rev Up Potato Industry

Eleven Belt and Road countries create a potato industry network, propose a joint Potato Germplasm Resource Bank

Junio 07, 2023
In a bid to turbocharge the potato industry, 11 Belt and Road (BRI) countries including China and Pakistan have joined international universities, companies and organisations to launch an international network on the potato industry at a forum held recently at China's Southwest University.
A farmer holding two potatoes poses for a picture in Hongrui Village of Pingluo County, Shizuishan, northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Sept. 2, 2021

NW China's 'potato land' embraces new technology

Marzo 20, 2023
As the potato-planting season approaches, baby potatoes from northwest China's Xiji County are making their way to the fields of farmers across the country's major potato-producing area.
Challenges and opportunitiesfor HZPC in China

Challenges and opportunities for potato company HZPC in China

Febrero 28, 2023
Exceptional weather conditions, strict corona measures and political elections. Potato company HZPC has been involved in China since the beginning of this century, but as in the Netherlands, every year is different.
Xiaoping Lu, Advisor at WPC International

Xiaoping Lu retires as Director of the International Potato Center-China Center (CCCAP)

Noviembre 03, 2022
The World Potato Congress Inc.'s Board of Directors Congratulates Mr. Xiaoping Lu, their WPC International Advisor, upon his retirement from the International Potato Center-China Center for Asia Pacific (CCCAP).


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