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CNH Industrial and ONE SMART SPRAY announce integration of precision spraying solution

CNH Industrial and ONE SMART SPRAY announce integration of precision spraying solution

Mayo 26, 2023
CNH Industrial and ONE SMART SPRAY, a joint venture between Bosch and BASF, have signed a collaboration agreement to integrate the latter’s advanced spraying system within CNH Industrial’s agricultural brand product portfolios.
Alexa, Open McCain

Need a recipe for your Fries/Chips in the UK? Try: 'Alexa, Open McCain'

Mayo 25, 2023
McCain Foods, world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products and a global leader in prepared appetisers and snacks, has partnered with Say It Now to launch their first Actionable Audio Ad campaign in Q2 of 2023.
Potato field lence

Heat and Drought stress in potatoes: is it possible to prevent damage?

Mayo 24, 2023
Extreme weather events pose a significant challenge to potato cultivation. Heat and drought stress reduces productivity, causes physiological defects in tubers, and damages crops.
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Potatoes in the field

Scientists weed out harmful genes to breed better potatoes

Mayo 22, 2023
A new predictive method has shown a way to better select parents for new potato varieties, offering a blueprint for better potatoes and a way to speed up the production of higher yield varieties.
Burts has more than two decades of experience crafting premium, hand cooked British potato chips

tna's long-term partnership with Burts Snacks delivers premium snack production with outstanding quality

Mayo 19, 2023
tna solutions has partnered with a premium snack manufacturer, Burts Snacks Ltd, to increase production capacity at its Plymouth, UK, manufacturing site.
HZPC UK strengthens position with acquisition of TLC Potatoes

HZPC UK strengthens position with acquisition of TLC Potatoes

Mayo 16, 2023
HZPC UK, a member of the Royal HZPC Group, a leader in potato varieties and seed production for the entire potato industry in the UK, announced the acquisition of TLC Potatoes, one of Scotland's leading minituber producers.
Potato field rows with green bushes

Potato-LITE: Delivering novel, sustainable cultivation approaches to minimise tillage intensity throughout the UK

Mayo 15, 2023
Defra and UKRI, as part of the Farming Innovation Programme, recently announced funding for 'Potato-LITE' – a multimillion pound project over four years
Ranking of 2022 surface air temperatures by country over the period since 1950.

The Rise of Global Temperature and How It Affects Potato Production

Mayo 15, 2023
From melting glaciers and flooding to drought, rising global temperature is affecting agriculture in many ways. Potato production is also taking a hit.
 B-hive Innovations Tuber Scan

Watch your potatoes grow... Not the plants, the tubers!

Mayo 07, 2023
Ground-Sensing technology TuberScan - developed by Agri-tech business B-hive Innovations and partners - is entering its final phase of testing both overseas and now in the UK following the start of this year’s weather-delayed potato growing season.
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Grimme Planters

Grimme UK repeating one-to-one Exacta demos for potato growers

Abril 30, 2023
Following the success of last year’s demonstration programme, GRIMME UK is once again giving people a chance to see the GL 420 Exacta potato planter in operation.
Nico Papworth, commercial manager at Timac Agro UK

Farmers urged to check the efficiency of protected urea fertilisers

Abril 28, 2023
In light of the new rules in the United Kingdom on the use of inhibited urea, announced on 22 March, farmers are being encouraged to check levels of efficiency when purchasing urea, to maximise their investment when complying to new regulations.
Minister tells Thomson Seed Potato Exports to Northern Ireland to resume in autumn

Seed Potato Exports from Scotland to Northern Ireland said to resume in autumn

Abril 26, 2023
Gordon MP Richard Thomson has been advised by DEFRA that new requirements which will allow quality Scottish seed potatoes back into their Northern Irish markets are expected to be in place for autumn this year.


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