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European potato field. Courtesy: European Potato Processors’ Association (EUPPA)

Paving the way for a robust and vibrant seed potato sector in Tanzania

Julio 18, 2023
Tanzania and the Netherlands have agreed to collaborate on developing a joint roadmap for the thriving seed potato ecosystem.
The newly launched platform may be a boon for both potato farmers and traders.

New platform deemed a boon for potato farmers in East Africa

Junio 29, 2022
Commercialisation of potato, a common food crop largely consumed in East Africa, will receive a boost following the launching of a value-chain platform dedicated to it.
Potato Field in Tanzania where twelve new potato varieties imported from the Netherlands are tested (Courtesy: Europlant)

Tanzania, Netherlands sign potato deal

Agosto 12, 2018
The permanent secretary in the ministry of Agriculture, Mr Mathew Mtigumwe, and the Dutch Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Jeroen Verheul, signed the document on behalf of the two governments.
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On-farm trials in Lushoto, Tanzania has led to identification of better adapted potato varieties that are high yielding. In this picture - taken in 2014 - Lushoto farmers proudly showcase Asante potatoes (Courtesy S. Quinn; CIP)

Tanzania Sets Record in Potato Research, to Release Improved Varieties

Febrero 27, 2018
Tanzania has excelled in experimental trials of high yielding and disease resistant potato varieties under a climate smart agriculture programme aimed to improve food security.
African Development Bank on GDP development in Africa: mixed performance with strong resilience
(Courtesy: 2017 Financial Presentation, The African Development Bank)

AfDB: Africa remains world’s second-fastest growing region

Mayo 29, 2017
In 2016, Africa as a whole maintained its position as the world’s second-fastest growing economies behind South Asia, according to data released during the Financial Presentation at the African Development Bank Group’s Annual Meetings
Thanks to resistant potato varieties, Late Blight is no longer a serious threat to the highland farmers in Lushoto, Tanzania (Courtesy: D. Harahagazwe CIP)

Farmers in Tanzania benefit from more resilient potato varieties

Marzo 17, 2017
Situated in the Northeast of Tanzania, the district of Lushoto is part of the so called highlands of Tanzania where potatoes are traditionally grown. Due to heat and lack of resilient potato varieties, farmers would often lose all the crop.
Growing seed potatoes in Tanzania (Courtesy: New Markets Lab)

Potato farmers in Tanzania are urged to use Mechanization

Febrero 16, 2017
In a bid to increase yields of Irish potatoes production in Tanzania, Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzanians (SAGCOT) has introduced a new system where its growers are encouraged to use modern tilling tractors in its pilot study areas.
According to research trials by the International Potato Center, the right potato varieties can boost the yield of these potato farmers in Tanzania by as much as a factor ten (Courtesy: CGIAR)

Tanzania signs agreement with The Netherlands to boost Potato Production

Junio 18, 2016
Potato growers in Tanzania stand to benefit from a new agreement between Netherlands and Tanzania, targeting to help farmers in the country boost the tubers production as well as being provided with potential market outlets abroad.
Flying a specially equipped drone, a team of CIP researchers from South America and Africa has successfully used remote-sensing technology to obtain data on orange-fleshed sweetpotato fields in East Africa.

East African drone pilot project started to gather crop data in Tanzania

Febrero 26, 2016
Researchers from the University of Nairobi, the International Potato Centre (CIP) and others ave started a pilot project in Tanzania, where a drone was able to pinpoint 14 different varieties of sweet potatoes in Ukiriguru Research Institute in Mwanza.

New potato varieties give hope to Tanzania farmers

Enero 16, 2012
A recent case study by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) showcases a new effort to produce high quality seed potatoes for farmers in Tanzania.


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