Dewulf Kwatro Xtreme Sieving Harvester
Dewulf ha desarrollado la Kwatro Xtreme para agricultores que plantan en 4 x 90 cm o en cuadros de 1800 mm. Esta cosechadora está compuesta por un transportador de cribado corto 1, transportador de cribado 2 y transportadores de cribado 3.
TG Automatic Boxfiller-18
The fully automated box-filler of Tolsma-Grisnich is expanded with a box stacker and a box filler. This drastically reduces the number of truck movements required and increases the capacity,
PomAgro Haspargit®
Haspargit® is the brand name of a unique assortment of fertilisers produced and sold by Pomagro NV consisting of by-products of the sugar, agriculture, and horticulture industries.
Puma 3
Potato machine constructor AVR is introducing the new Puma 3, a four-row potato harvester and the family's summit of efficiency.
Dewulf ME 80 cm wide elevator conveyor
Los cintas elevadoras Miedema son los elevadores de levantado más adecuados para llenar su almacén con una capacidad de más de 160 toneladas/hora. Los elevadores de levantado también se pueden utilizar para transportar residuos desde una tolva receptora.
Amazone UX 01 Super
AMAZONE UX 01 Super - a new generation sprayers
Nedato - Polynet
Polynet packaging from Nedato is available in standard volumes of 5 and 25 kg in either red or yellow.
Tolsma Mechanical Refrigeration
In response to changing requirements, Tolsma-Grisnich is developing new Mechanical Refrigeration Systems
Rema EnviMaxX potato haulm puller
To reduce carbon dioxide emissions in agriculture, REMA Environmental Machinery BV has developed a 48 Volt fully electrically driven haulm puller / root cutter for mechanical potato haulm (foliage) destruction in (seed) potatoes.
Trimble TMX-2050
The rugged Trimble TMX-2050™ display offers advanced precision agriculture capabilities