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    tna - Florigo atmospheric continuous frying system conti-pro® FF 3
    Florigo atmospheric continuous frying system conti-pro® FF 3
    Florigo conti-pro® FF 3 is a French fries frying system designed with a process intended to boost the efficiency of your production line.
    Tummers Potato Flakes Lines
    Potato Flakes Lines
    Potato flakes lines are a Tummers Specialty. Destoning, washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, mashing, drying, granulating and packaging, all effortlessly performed.

    tna - roflo® vibratory motion distribution conveyor VM 3
    Roflo® vibratory motion distribution conveyor VM 3
    tna roflo® VM 3 is a conveying system that moves product via vibratory motion.
    tna - Wet washdown VFFS system arctic® 3
    Wet washdown VFFS system arctic® 3
    A VFFS packaging solution using polyethylene and laminated film to package fresh and frozen foods.
    Tummers Cutting line Switcher
    Cutting line Switcher
    Tummers Cutting line Switcher is a stainless steel, industrial switcher for changing cutting blocks either automatically or manually, and without interrupting your production. They can be Operated with a front-mounted touch screen.
    TOMRA 5C
    TOMRA 5C
    El TOMRA 5C es un clasificador óptico de primera calidad para la industria de frutos secos y frutos secos.

    Tummers Steam Peeler
    Steam Peeler
    The Tummers Steam Peeler (TSP) is specially designed to offer an excellent peeling result with higher batch loads. At a low steam consumption, this machine offers a higher capacity than any other steam peeler available.
    FAM Tridis™ 180P
    Tridis™ 180P
    La FAM Tridis ™ 180P es una cortadora tridimensional de capacidad media-alta diseñada para el procesamiento de patatas en patatas fritas, palitos y dados. Produce un corte muy limpio de patatas fritas planas y rugosas de batata blanca y boniato, en volúmenes medio-altos.
    Pulsemaster Conditioner Turnkey Industrial PEF Solutions
    Pulsemaster Conditioner Turnkey Industrial Pulsed Electric Field Solutions are complete, fully integrated and modular systems for either cell disintegration of solids or microbial inactivation of liquids on an industrial scale, built according to the customer’s production requirements.
    FAM Tridis™ 240P
    Tridis™ 240P
    La FAM Tridis ™ 240P es una cortadora tridimensional, diseñada para la exigente industria de las patatas fritas.


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