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ZEISS SensoLogic Family
SensoLogic Family
The SensoLogic (SL) product family for chemometric spectroscopy is a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative solution that simplifies modeling and use of your applications with consistent workflow orientation and clear
Flo-Mech Pellet Feed System
Pellet Feed System
Pellet bag filling station structure is manufactured from RHS stainless steel or a mild steel with painted or galvanized finish.
NSSPL Potato Based Processing Plant
Potato Based Processing Plant
Potato based processing plant includes Frozen fries, Pureed potatoes, and other Frozen items changing urbanisation and ways of life. Potato handling with French fry or Chips require specific least necessities such as texture
NSSPL Modified Atmoshpheric Cold Storage
Modified Atmoshpheric Cold Storage
NSSPL Modified Atmosphere Cold storage is used mainly for the storage of fresh vegetables. In this type of storage, a modified atmosphere is created and maintained.
Allround Palletizer
​​The VPM – 5 ECO Palletizer makes automatic palletizing accessible for every company by combining the experience from Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions with the production experience of Allround India.
Wyma Medium Potato Line
Medium Potato Line
Medium Potato line is a 25-ton line which has two receiving options. Produce may be received directly from a field harvest truck or via storage bins using an Electric Bin Tipper.
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Micro Adjustable Shape Cuts SL14
Micro Adjustable Shape Cuts SL14
The Urschel MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14) offers maximum cutting action and expedient knife changeovers for your potato chips production line.
Box Storage
Box Storage
With Allround box storage the products are stored in large bins. The product is stacked up to about 6 boxes high. Box storage is a very flexible way to store agricultural products.
Wyma Vege-Polisher™ V4
Vege-Polisher™ V4
Wyma's V4 Vege-Polisher™ has many features including automated machine operation and improved access for maintenance and cleaning.
Tummers E²E SteamClosure
E²E SteamClosure
The introduction of the E2E SteamClosure means those days are over. In conjunction with partner Solutherm, Tummers is continuing to expand the Emission to Energy (E2E) concept through the addition of this ingenious extraction system.
Ishida CCW-RV Open Frame Weigher
CCW-RV Open Frame Weigher
Ishida’s latest IP69K waterproof weigher is now fully open for cleaning.
Intralox DirectDrive System
DirectDrive System
The DirectDrive™ System (DDS™) spiral technology from Intralox is a flexible, low-energy solution to increase efficiency in can-making plants that functions both single- and bi-directionally.
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Tummers Washing line Destoner/Washer unit
Washing line Destoner/Washer unit
Tummers Washing line Destoner/Washer unit is a stainless steel machine combination for destoning and washing potatoes and tubers that was developed for 24/7 industrial use. Optionally the machine can be set up to separate floating parts (foliage and stalks) from your product.
Wyma Lift Roller Sizer
Lift Roller Sizer
The Wyma Lift Roller Sizer is a diameter grader suitable for a wide range of fruits and vegetables.
Allround Shake grading line SG120 series
Shake grading line SG120 series
SG 120 is designed for companies that are grading potatoes and onions up to 20-25 tons/hour. The line is especially suitable for seed potatoes.
Arcall intelli-spin® 700 series
intelli-spin® 700 series
The Arcall intelli-spin® 700 series uses advanced spinning disc technology to provide accurate and consistent liquid and slurry application.
tna hydro-clear® OWB 3
hydro-clear® OWB 3
Florigo hydro-clear® OWB 3 is a solution for stripping water from both the top and bottom of potato slices before frying.
NSSPL Frozen Vegetables And Fruits Processing Line
Frozen Vegetables And Fruits Processing Line
Frozen vegetables and Fruits Processing line includes several processing types of fruits that include drying, canning, and juicing. It includes fruit preserves, fruit juices, and canned fruits. Frozen vegetables are processed in frozen form and stored.


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