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    Tummers Destoner/Washer unit agro
    Destoner/Washer unit agro
    This stainless steel machine combination for destoning and washing potatoes and tubers was developed for 24/7 industrial use. Optionally the machine can be set up to separate floating parts (foliage and stalks) from your product.
    tna - tna multi-head weighers intelli-weigh® alpha advance series
    multi-head weighers intelli-weigh® alpha advance series
    tna intelli-weigh® alpha advance series of multi-head weighers are presented as a simple, affordable solution, yet one that doesn't sacrifice performance or efficiency.
    Tummers Bag filling machine ZV-5-25
    Bag filling machine ZV-5-25
    The Tummers bag filling machine packs potato flakes and powder into bags up to 25 kg. The machine features dust-free operation and is fully adjustable to meet your specifications.
    Rosenqvists Belt Dryer
    Belt Dryer
    The Rosenqvists Belt Dryer works on air with low temperature and high humidity that ensure even drying results of each strip. The Belt Dryer uses the counter-air-flow principle where the airflow covers the full width of the belts.
    tna - tna VFFS system robag® FX series
    VFFS system robag® FX series
    tna robag® FX series is a vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging solution with speeds up to 250 bags per minute using rotary triple, double, single or flat jaw configurations to package a variety of bag types.
    Tummers Flake Line Drum Dryer
    Flake Line Drum Dryer
    Tummers is a world market leader in potato flake lines. In a flakes line, the Drum Dryer dries the potato mash. A thin, perfectly distributed layer of mash is deposited onto the heated cylinder which evaporates excess moisture.
    FAM Centris™ 400P
    Centris™ 400P
    La FAM Centris ™ 400 es una rebanadora de gran capacidad, por ejemplo, para cortar patatas fritas.
    tna - Ferguson belt dryer accura-dry® BD 3
    Ferguson belt dryer accura-dry® BD 3
    Ferguson accura-dry® BD 3 is a drying solution, removing moisture from French fries before frying.
    Tummers Cutting blocks
    Cutting blocks
    Cutting blocks by Tummers Food Processing Solutions are known for their perfect cutting quality and long service life. They are designed for all possible methods of cutting: French fries, slices, wedges, crinkle-cut French fries, sticks, and coring.
    FAM Tridis™ 240P
    Tridis™ 240P
    La FAM Tridis ™ 240P es una cortadora tridimensional, diseñada para la exigente industria de las patatas fritas.


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