Wyma Roller Conveyors & Elevators
Roller Conveyors transport boxes, bins or crates from packing stations, crate fillers or weighing stations.
VERYX Digital Sorting Platform
VERYX® transforms digital sorting with a modular platform of chute-fed and belt-fed sorters to meet your unique and specific needs.
Trio Chemicals - TRIOBAN P 918
Silicone based (liquid) Defoamer. Combination of Polypropylene Glycol and Co- polymers.
1 potato, 4 ways to prepare. The 4in1 is ideal for cooking, mashing, frying and baking.
tna - Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3
Florigo ultra-peel® SKC 3 is an abrasive peeler that operates in batches, weighing your product, to ensure optimized peeling results from small, medium and large potatoes for the production of potato chips.
tna - Florigo water cutting system clear-cut® SWM 3
Florigo clear-cut® SWM 3 is an efficient water cutting system that is able to handle a variety of cutting styles for potatoes – all while eliminating product damage.
Dewulf AKL Fully automatic box tippler
Los volcadores de cajas Miedema se adaptan perfectamente a su trabajo. Logrará el caudal de producto deseado gracias a la velocidad automática de la cinta de acumulación.
Dewulf MH 242 Efficient Logistics
Con la tolva receptora MH 242 Efficient Logistics mejora considerablemente la eficiencia de su línea de almacenamiento y la utilidad de los remolques. La función amortiguadora asegura una salida constante de esta combinación de tolva receptora.
Flo-Mech Flo-Flavour®
Flo-Flavour™ systems are designed to mix together powder flavourings and oil whilst keeping the mix at the correct temperature and the components in suspension before delivery to the flavour application drum via a nozzle lance.
tna - FOODesign Continuous direct heated oil roasting system immerso-cook® NUT 16
The FOODesign immerso-cook® NUT 16 oil nut roasting system is a continuous roasting solution for handling almonds, cashews, pepitas seeds, sunflower kernels, peanuts, and other nuts- and seeds-based products.