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Carl Zeiss AG

Zeiss is a company active in the field of optics and optoelectronics. The company offers a number of sensors of interest for precision farming and for application in the potato processing industry.


Crop4Sight is a new, simple to use App for potato crop yield management. The app combines easily captured potato crop data, such as emergence, ground cover and sample digs with 30 years of potato data and clever software to give you instant insights in to your UK potato crop performance


Dacom provides products and services to arable farmers including a management system for insects and diseases (including Phytophthora for potatoes), irrigation and fertilization management.   

George Moate

George Moate is a Smart Farming Equipment Manufacturer based out of the UK.

Harvest Eye

HarvestEye™ is a unique system that provides insights on root crops during harvest.


Make more profitable procurement decisions by planning, forecasting and recording all supply tonnages and quality in one Crop Intelligence Platform. KisanHub licences the Platform to Groups, Processors and Packers of Potatoes (and other crops).

Kverneland Group

Kverneland Group is an international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural implements, electronic solutions and digital services to the farming community.


SatAgro ayuda a los agricultores a utilizar imágenes de satélite de la NASA, la Agencia Espacial Europea y operadores de satélites privados. Procesan los datos de cada campo individualmente y los envían en un formato fácil de entender que ayuda a aumentar la eficiencia de las granjas.


Connected rain and wind speed gauges for more precise, efficient, and eco-friendly agriculture.

Sercom Regeltechniek B.V.

Sercom has been supplying the international horticulture industry with climate control systems and automation solutions since 1984.