The Seed Potato Growers Association of Manitoba (SPGAM) is the organization representing seed potato farms in Manitoba, Canada.
SPPK realizes its activities through the Head office in Bratislava, the net of the regional agricultural and food chambers (RPPK) in the whole territory of Slovakia and the regional chambers „with the statute“ (i.e. based on the other than the territory principle).
SNAC International (formerly The Snack Food Association, SFA) is an international trade association of the snack food industry representing snack manufacturers and suppliers.
SNACMA is the Snack, Nut and Crisp Manufacturer's Association for the United Kingdom
Sociedad Comercial del Plata es un holding argentino con
más de 9.800 accionistas en 14 países y 1.900 empleados,
presente en sectores estratégicos como construcción, agroindustria,
entretenimiento, energía, transporte e infraestructura y real estate.
The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (“SAGCOT”) Initiative is a Public-Private Partnership with the objective to boost agricultural productivity, improve food security, reduce poverty and ensure environmental sustainability through the commercialization of smallholder agriculture.
Starch Europe, until October 15, 2014 called AAF (Association des Amidonniers et Féculiers) is the trade association which represents the interests of the European starch industry both at European and international level.
The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance is a US-based association of food companies that seek to accelerate the pace of change in the food industry.
SWISSCOFEL is the association of the Swiss fruit, vegetable and potato trade. The approximately 170 members are active in the wholesale and retail trade, import and related industries and generate annual sales of around CHF 4 billion with fruits, vegetables and potatoes.
Swisspatat is the Swiss industry association for the different organizations throughout the potato chain: production, trade, processing and consumers