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Aliments Krispy Kernels Inc

Krispy Kernels is a homegrown family business from Quebec, Canada, specialised in the production and distribution of nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, seeds, corn and snack foods.

Capital Equipment Inc

Capital Equipment, located in Quebec, provides equipment to the (Canadian) potato industry either manufacturered in-house or supplied by a wide range of international equipment partners.

Deville Technologies Canada

Deville Technologies is a solutions oriented manufacturing technology company that caters to food processing companies of all sizes that require sanitary, durable, practical, and efficient food cutting equipment.

Frito Lay Canada - Lauzon (Lévis)

Frito Lay production facility in Lauzon (Lévis), Quebec

Gourmet Chips and Sauces

Gourmet Chips & Sauces is a boutique manufacturer in Montreal offering a range of Hot Snacks as well as sauces and condiments branded Aubrey D.™ and Aubrey D. Rebel™

Les Fermes Petite Nation

A potato production company from Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, Canada.

Les fermes Rivest Bourgeois inc

Les Fermes Rivest Bourgeois inc. is a family business from Quebec that specialises in the production, packaging and distribution of potatoes.

Les Pommes de terre Cardina

Les Pommes de Terre Cardinal produces more than a dozen varieties of potatoes.

Les Pommes de terre du Temiscamingue

Les Pommes de terre du Temiscamingue is a potato production, packaging and processing company from Saint-Eugène-de-Guigues, Canada.

Patates Dolbec Inc.

Patates Dolbec Inc. - located in Quebec - is one of the largest potato growers and packers in Eastern Canada


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