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Kiremko H-Flow Conveyor

Potato Processing Equipment Specialist Kiremko presents the H Flow Conyevor, especially developed for the transportation of snacks and frozen products.

Unique and versatile

The H-Flow Conveyor ® is a horizontal conveyor with special properties. The machine can be configured for multiple purposes: dosing, buffering and distribution are only a few examples. There are several specific motion patterns, depending on the product that is being transported. It is even possible to transport with a forward and backward movement.
Ingenious design

Due to its ingenious design the H-Flow Conveyor® is suitable for several products, such as deep frozen French fries, potato chips, pellet snacks or frozen vegetables. One of its strong points is the elimination of product breakage and the prevention of loss of applied coating and flavouring, also with fragile product. This is because of the rounded corners in the pan, the use of high-quality smooth materials and the ingenious sliding movement.

Safe and efficient

The support frame is integrated which makes the H-Flow Conveyor ® a safe machine. Due to the universal drive, the pan only needs adjustment depending on the product to be transported. The machine does not need a heavy construction and therefore limits the load of the surface it is placed upon.


The design of the H-Flow Conveyor ® with its rounded corners means it is easy and quick to clean.