Tolsma-Grisnich and Grimme Scandinavia start collaboration in Scandinavia to meet demand for complete potato projects
March 29, 2019
Demand is increasing for complete projects for potatoes from planting through to storage and processing. To respond to that need Tolsma-Grisnich and Grimme Scandinavia have joined forces to become a reliable ‘total partner’ for the Scandinavian market.
Potato Milk: Swedish scientist makes dairy substitute from potatoes
December 13, 2017
A smoothie based on 'potato milk' is expected to be commercially available next year. The product is made using a patented process using an emulsion of potato and omega-3 oils as a dairy replacement developed at Lund University by Eva Tornberg.
Belgian delegation explores Swedish potato market
June 02, 2016
For Belgian potato traders, Sweden is a small, but admittedly growing market. In late April, the potential for Belgian fresh and processed potato exports was further explored.
Promising new potato varieties of HZPC (2013)
August 27, 2014
HZPC has decided to end its participation in HZPC Sverige AB (Sweden, Billdal). Reason for the decision is insufficient profitability, caused by the slow modernization of the Swedish Seed potato market
December 12, 2011
The Swedish harvest of table potatoes (all potatoes, only excludes potatoes used for starch production) is estimated at 581.000 tonnes. This is 38.100 tonnes or 7 percent more than the total harvest in 2010. Four counties dominate the cultivation of t...
December 08, 2011
De consumptieaardappeloogst in Zweden is becijferd op 581.000 ton. Dat is 31.800 ton (7 procent) meer dan in 2010. Dat deelt de rijksdienst landbouw in Jönköping mee. De hectareopbrengst is volgens de dienst uitgekomen op ruim 29 ton (plus 6 procent t...
May 19, 2011
Donderdag blokkeerden actievoeders van Greenpeace in Zweden een opslagplaats waar het Duitse bedrijf BASF genetisch gemodificeerde Amflora-aardappelen bewaart.
 Herbert Autosort
March 29, 2011
RJ Herbert Engineering recently installed a new 1300 Auto-sort and Contractor Unit for one of Sweden’s major potato packers, Svegro.
 Agrico Nordic
December 29, 2010
Op 23 december 2010 heeft Lantmännen Lantbruk haar 49-procent aandeel in Agrico Nordic AB verkocht aan haar partner Ypma & Zonen BV, 100% dochteronderneming van Coöperatie Agrico.
September 10, 2010
BASF Plant Science identified extremely small quantities of Amadea potatoes in Amflora fields planted in Northern Sweden during the course of the regular in-house quality controls.


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