Purple Potatoes
January 03, 2011
In the first known study to address the effects of potato consumption on antioxidant status, oxidative stress and inflammation in humans, a team of research scientists worked with a group of Washington adult males to test the hypothesis that antioxidants from colored potatoes would decrease susceptibility to chronic diseases.
David Camp (Key Technology) and John Meisner (ABCO Industries)
October 14, 2010
Key Technology and ABCO Industries announce the formation of a manufacturing and sales alliance.
 20 potatoes a day
September 23, 2010
Potatoes are good for you, and Chris Voigt wants to prove it with an all-spud diet for the next two months.Starting Oct. 1, the Washington Potato Commission executive director will eat only potatoes -- 20 a day -- to let people know just how healthful ...
 Key Technology
September 21, 2010
Key Technology announces the appointment of Rob Flodin to the position of Major Account Manager – ConAgra.
July 08, 2010
Potato growers and scientists from Washington, Oregon and Idaho congregated at Washington State University’s Othello Research facility at Cox and Booker roads during Potato Field Day June 24 to exchange pertinent facts about pest control and water mana...
Key Technology Appoints Joel Bustos as Senior Vice President of Global Operations
June 15, 2010
Key Technology announces the appointment of Joel Bustos as Senior Vice President of Global Operations. Bustos is responsible for planning and managing all aspects of Key’s operations in support of the company’s overall strategic objectives to deliver w...
One year later, costly trade blunder still in effect
March 05, 2010
March 10 marks the one-year anniversary of Congress’s decision to terminate the cross-border trucking program with Mexico, a move found illegal under NAFTA and generating retaliatory tariffs on more than 90 U.S. products and subsequent decreases in export
 1st Washington Oregon Potato Conference 2010
November 06, 2009
Potatoes have long been an important and economical source of energy, nutrition and satiety in the American diet. As one of the top three vegetable carbohydrates consumed by humans on the planet, chances are potatoes will continue to fill that role in ...
 Lamb Weston Richland Video
June 04, 2009
Video with a few glimpses of how Lamb Weston produces their Signature Range Crisscut French fries in their Richland (Washington) potato processing facility.
Columbia Okura
May 26, 2009
Columbia/Okura’s A-Series robotic palletizers provide the ideal solution for the demands of today’s high capacity potato packers. They use an end effector ('robot hand') designed specifically to handle the inconsistency of potato bags,.
Key Technology introduces Optyx Whole Potato Sorter
April 23, 2009
Key Technology introduces its first optical sorting system for whole potatoes. Optyx® WPS for whole potatoes achieves a three-way sort using a combination of air ejectors to remove foreign material (FM) and a unique deflector system to separate potatoe...
Key Technology Introduces New Online Training Program
December 17, 2008
Key Technology launches its new Online Training Program, an interactive multimedia curriculum covering Key’s optical inspection systems and vibratory conveyors. The flexible, web-based program offers a wide variety of self-paced training modules.