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Insort's video presentation of the Sherlock Safeguard® highlights food safety benefits

Insort's video presentation of the Sherlock Safeguard® highlights food safety benefits

December 08, 2020
Following the introduction of the Sherlock Safeguard®, Insort presents a video highlighting the food safety benefits of their latest sorter. And - once again - Insort shows that a video presentation of equipment does not have to be boring.
Insort Presents Sherlock Safeguard®

Insort introduces Sherlock Safeguard® - a sure way to remove foreign objects from food products

November 13, 2020
Insort is proud to announce another major development to increase food safety in food production with the Sherlock Safeguard®. The heart of the machine is the latest generation of the tried and tested Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT® Gen3).
The potato is used to cooler climate and vulnerabe to environmental stresses; particularly to combinations of heat and drought.

Gran proyecto europeo para desarrollar patatas tolerantes al calor y a la sequía

September 01, 2020
La Facultad de Ciencias de la Vida de la Universidad de Viena coordina un consorcio de 17 instituciones de investigación académicas líderes en Europa, cultivadores de patatas, una asociación de la UE sin ánimo de lucro, una agencia gubernamental y un desarrollador de tecnología de detección.
Elea highlights benefits PEF for snack sector at Snackex 2017

Elea highlights benefits PEF for snack sector at Snackex 2017

July 01, 2017
Elea GmbH, leading manufacturer of equipment for Pulsed Electric Field treatment (PEF) used the recently concluded Snackex to highlight the opportunities PEF offers to snack manufacturers. Elea also introduce its Elea SmoothCut™ One system.
Keynote Speaker SNACKEX 2017 announced: Ken Hughes

Keynote Speaker SNACKEX 2017 announced: Ken Hughes

October 05, 2016
The headline speaker for the next SNACKEX industry event in Vienna (June 2017) has been confirmed: Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralist Ken Hughes
Potato Beetles invade Austrian village

Potato Beetles invade Austrian village

September 10, 2016
Hundreds of thousands of potato beetles which made life miserable for residents of the small village of Hüttendorf in Lower Austria for a week have vanished as quickly as they appeared.
„Tiroler Speckigen“ and „Tiroler Mehligen“ now available at SPAR

Austrian retailer SPAR offers 'Quality Tirol' Potatoes

September 09, 2015
The potato harvest in Tirol (Austria) has started: from now on the great tasting „Tiroler Speckigen“ and the „Tiroler Mehligen“ with Quality seal „Qualität Tirol“ are available in all branches of the retailer SPAR throughout Austria.
Matthias Jeindl, CEO Insort with the award winning Sherlock Food Analyser

FoodTec Award in Gold for Insort 'Sherlock Food Analyser'

March 29, 2015
At the Anuga FoodTec trade fair from 24 to 27 March in Cologne, Insort presents the latest innovation in process monitoring for food production with its 'Sherlock food analyser'.
 potatoes like they used to be

Potatoes like they used to be (wie früher)

November 30, 2013
Red Emma, Blue Elise, Pink fir apple and Sieglinde: The Austrian association "Arche Noah"together with supermarket chain Spar are working towards providing selections of rare potato varieties.
Key Technology - Insort License Agreement

Insort Gmbh signed a strategic partnership with market leader Key Technology

July 25, 2013
Insort and EVK have signed a worldwide license agreement with Key Technology for use of Chemical Imaging Technology in proven Key solutions provided to the potato industry.
 Silver Anuga FoodTec Award

Silver medal for Insort's in-line Sugar-end detector at Anuga FoodTec

February 22, 2012
The Austrian company Insort GmbH will receive a silver medal at this year’s Anuga FoodTec (International FoodTec Award 2012) for its development of the Sherlock Separator and associated technology. The Sherlock Separator employs state-of-the-art Chemi...

Agrana successfully completes the 2011|12 sugar beet and potato starch campaigns

January 26, 2012
On 23 January, AGRANA completed the sugar beet campaign at its refinery in Tulln, thereby signalling the successful close of the 2011|12 processing season at all of its facilities.