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Doga Seed

New French fry line at Dogaseed successfully installed

Noviembre 16, 2011
Doga Seed and BMA successfully completed the installation of a new 3000 kg/h french fries production line in Nevsehir, Turkey.
Doga Tohumculuk Turkey (Dogaseed)

BMA will commission a 3.000 kg/hr French Fries installation at Doga Seed in Turkey in 2011.

Abril 18, 2011
Doga Seed has placed the order for the supply and installation of a complete 3000 kg/h High-tech Frozen French Fries installation, to be established in the Nev?ehir Province in Turkey. It has chosen BMA for its excellent reputation in French Fries ind...
McDonald's Turkey

Konya Şeker to sell french fries to McDonald's in Turkey

Abril 14, 2011
Fast food chain McDonald's has decided to purchase frozen potatoes produced in the Central Anatolian province of Konya for its restaurants in Turkey and neighboring countries, according to the board chairman of the Konya Şeker company.
Konya Şeker

Konya Şeker applies Key Technology's ADR®First solution to maximize potato strip quality and yield

Diciembre 14, 2010
Unlike other potato processors that use optical sorters to remove defects on their primary lines, Konya Seker relies on an ADR®5 Automatic Defect Removal System from Key Technology.

New trend in Turkey: French Fries in a cone

Noviembre 16, 2009
Baked, grilled, pureed. Turkey has seen practically every form of potatoes. But now, one of Turkish cuisine’s most popular ingredients is being eaten from a cone.Potatoes are no doubt one of the most indispensable ingredients in Turkish cuisine. They c...
BMA Nederland

BMA-Nederland will install a French Fry line in Turkey for Konya Seker

Marzo 05, 2008
In November 2007 BMA Nederland has signed the order with Konya Seker of Turkey for the supply of an ultra modern potato processing line for French fries.


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