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Growing Nitrogen: Plants like this vetch plant with long roots can produce lots of nitrogen once they become established.

Start growing your own nitrogen

Septiembre 27, 2023
Four studies released from 2019 to 2023 by the University of Illinois show that on average, 67% of nitrogen found in corn comes from sources occurring in the soil. Researchers labeled nitrogen fertilizers applied with N15 to identify naturally occurring nitrogen vs. synthetic nitrogen.
5 reason to skip fall tillage

Five reasons to skip fall tillage

Septiembre 25, 2023
Moving away from reliance on tillage is a tough change to make. Sure, there are times when tillage could be considered.
Taylor Grant, Leah Halverson and Bryan Jones: The Next Generation of Potato Farmers

Feeding America: Introducing the Next Generation Potato Farmers

Septiembre 16, 2023
A new generation of potato farmers uses cutting-edge instruments and methods to progress farms and preserve the soil for future generations all over the United States, often in unexpected areas.
Alsum Farms Begins Wisconsin Yellow Potato Harvest

Alsum Farms Begins Wisconsin Yellow Potato Harvest

Agosto 03, 2023
Wisconsin yellow potato harvest is underway at Alsum Farms in Arena, Wis. with the first potato loads being washed, graded and packed for fresh market delivery to distribution centers and retail grocers the first full week of August.
UPGC Crop Update Report

2023 Potato Crop Canada, update per July 18 – Including Planted Acreage

Julio 24, 2023
Statistics Canada released their first estimate of potato acreage in Canadaas a result of data obtained from their survey of potato growers in Canada.
Canadian Potato Storage Holdings Reports July 2023

Less potatoes left in storage in Canada: Potato Storage Holdings Reports July 2023

Julio 12, 2023
As of July 1, 2023, total Canadian Potato Storage Holdings are reported to be down 34.9% over 2022 numbers for the same period, and lower than the 3-yr. average.
early potato

United Potato Growers of Canada (UPGC) crop update per July 6, 2023: Optimism everywhere

Julio 10, 2023
The potato crop in Canada is in varying stages - from emergence to touching between rows. Potato growers everywhere are optimistic for the good growing conditions needed to move this crop in its early life stages.
The 2021 total economic contribution of the potato sector is estimated to be USD 100,900,000,000+

National Potato Council 2023 Yearbook offers detailed insight in the United States industry and its achievements

Julio 06, 2023
The NPC 2023 Annual Potato Yearbook highlighting progress on NPC’s national legislative, regulatory, and marketing priorities. The Yearbook also features updated US and world potato production and consumption stats, grower and industry contact information, position statements, and program overviews.
McCrum potato filed

McCrum: The success and legacy behind a thriving potato processing operation in Maine

Julio 06, 2023
There aren't many farms in Maine that can boast they've been owned by the same family for more than 130 years. One of those is the McCrums.
Soil Erosion: A Looming Threat to Farmers

Soil Erosion: A Looming Threat to Farmers

Junio 28, 2023
Soil erosion, a natural process exacerbated by human activities, poses a significant challenge to agricultural sustainability worldwide. This relentless force gradually strips away fertile topsoil, leaving a devastating impact on farmers and the environment.


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