The Consumer Goods Forum Launches Food Waste Coalition of Action
September 03, 2020
El Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) ha lanzado recientemente una Coalición de Acción sobre el Desperdicio de Alimentos liderada por el CEO, que reúne a 14 de los minoristas y fabricantes más grandes del mundo con el objetivo de reducir a la mitad de la pérdida mundial de alimentos per cápita en el minorista, y niveles de consumo.
Lamb Weston pulls back curtain with first-ever sustainability report
July 16, 2020
The region’s largest potato processor sheds new light on french fry-making in its first-ever corporate sustainability report.
Starch Europe Welcomes the Publication of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy
May 26, 2020
Starch Europe today welcomed the much-anticipated publication of the European Commission’s EU Farm to Fork Strategy. Starch Europe and its members strongly support the Commission’s climate neutrality ambition and the important role a more sustainable food system plays to achieve that objective.
Europatat welcomes the Farm to Fork strategy and calls on the Commission to ensure a coherent and realistic approach
May 25, 2020
La Asociación de Comerciantes Europeos de Patata, Europatat, ha mostrado su respaldo a la estrategia 'De la granja a la mesa' presentada el 20 de mayo por el vicepresidente de la Comisión Europea, Frans Timmermans, que establece medidas regulatorias y no regulatorias para hacer del sistema alimentario de la UE un estándar global para la sostenibilidad.
Transforming potato waste into a new industry for Australia
March 06, 2020
Four of the largest potato producers in Australia want to convert 100% of their potato waste into commercial benefit through their partnership with the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).
Strong Roots Takes on the Global Food Waste Crisis One Pound at a Time
March 03, 2020
Strong Roots returns to Natural Product Expo West, after winning the 2019 NEXTY Award, with its innovative and sustainable line of frozen plant-based foods including cauliflower hash browns, vegetable burgers, mixed root vegetable fries and more.
Time for change - Marcelissen
February 24, 2020
For the past 70 years, Marcelissen Venlo BV has been a family business where tradition, craftsmanship and innovation went hand in hand. Guus Treuen has been employed at Marcelissen since 1976.
Vanmark Adds New Solutions to Address Peeler Water Usage and Treatment
February 18, 2020
Vanmark, an industrial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer, has introduced two new machines that significantly reduce water treatment costs and usage from our line of abrasive peelers.
How Digitalization of the Supply Chain will Reduce Global Food Waste
January 09, 2020
The scale of the global food waste problem is staggering. According to reports, 1.6 billion tons of food are lost or wasted every year, equating to a total value of $1.2 trillion being wiped from the supply chain.
The European Parliament declares climate emergency
December 03, 2019
EU should commit to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the UN Conference, says Parliament.