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French Fries

WTO rejects Colombian anti-dumping duties on frozen fries from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands

Diciembre 23, 2022
Arbitrators have in substance ruled in favour of the EU in the first WTO appeal dealt with under the ‘Multi-party interim appeal arbitration arrangement', known as the ‘MPIA'.
Fluvius brings extra power to fast-growing Agristo Wielsbeke

More electrical power for fast-growing potato processor Agristo Wielsbeke

Noviembre 24, 2022
In recent weeks, power network company Fluvius has carried out important construction works near the West Flemish producer of potato products Agristo in Wielsbeke.
Potato, carrot, onion box storage in Canada

Storing energy in your potato storage: KLIM'TOP Klimanager energy management software optimizes for Self-Consumption

Noviembre 23, 2022
KLIM’TOP Controls manufactures, sells and installs cooling units and ventilation systems for the farm industry, and more precisely for long-term storage root vegetables such as potatoes.
Summary of EUPPA Conference 2022

EUPPA Conference focuses on sustainability in the potato processing sector

Noviembre 03, 2022
The Conference main theme was 'EUPPA driving sustainability across the potato processing sector'. It was the first gathering of the kind since the Covid-19 outbreak.
Starch Europe Announces Decarbonisation Roadmap

Starch Europe adopts Decarbonisation Roadmap

Octubre 14, 2022
Starch Europe announced the adoption and publication of a sector-wide decarbonisation Roadmap 2019-2030.
At their yearly conference, returning this year to an in person event
Palletiser and pallet wrapper do their job quickly outside the freezer

Trends in palletising and handling logistics of frozen food

Octubre 06, 2022
The European Frozen Food business is reported to be in excess of EUR 75 billion (USD 81 billion) and all indications are of strong continued growth across all the markets. The vast majority of those products, together with those in the Chilled Foods sector
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
Climate change will reduce the total potato production in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany by 7 to 11 % despite an increase in hectares, according to the latest estimates of the North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG).

NEPG: El cambio climático reducirá la producción total de patata en Bélgica, Países Bajos, Francia y Alemania entre un 7 y un 11 porciento a pesar del aumento de hectáreas

Septiembre 22, 2022
Durante su última reunión previa a Potato Europe 2022, los Productores de Papa del Noroeste de Europa (NEPG) estiman que la producción mundial de papa en la zona NEPG (EU-04) se reducirá entre un 7 y un 11 por ciento.
Why the food industry needs to think about sustainability.

Why the food industry needs to think about sustainability

Agosto 16, 2022
When businesses behave with sustainability, it’s not only society that benefits – this can also help bring in new business. Stefaan Kennis, Director of Strategy, Market Intelligence and Sustainability at TOMRA Food.
Tomra 5a

How potato growers and processors can gain from the latest sorting technologies

Julio 15, 2022
It’s not easy for potato growers and processors to always ensure food safety or meet customers’ specified standards. For one thing, all sorts of foreign materials get mixed up with potatoes when they’re harvested.
Las soluciones de TOMRA Food permiten superar los retos operativos de las empaquetadoras de manzanas y proteger su imagen de marca.

Las soluciones de TOMRA Food permiten superar los retos operativos de las empaquetadoras de manzanas y proteger su imagen de marca

Junio 27, 2022
Damien Gibson, Director Global de la Categoría de Manzanas en TOMRA Food, analiza en este artículo los retos a los que se enfrentan las plantas de empaquetado de manzanas y explica cómo las soluciones de TOMRA Food ayudan a este tipo de empresas.


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