España: Un nuevo negocio del casco antiguo compostelano reinventa la patata asada de feria a la gallega
November 23, 2020
Se llama Galipapas y, como su nombre bien indica, es una reinvención a la gallega de todo un clásico en el sur de España y del baked potatoe de la cocina inglesa.
Scandi Standard partners with Veg of Lund in research project to develop potato based meat-substitute
November 17, 2020
Scandi Standard, the leading producer of chicken products in the Nordic region, partners with Veg of Lund AB in a research project to develop a meat-substitute similar to chicken based on potato and rapeseed oil.
Wildflowers could control aphid-borne viruses in potatoes
November 17, 2020
Sowing wildflowers into potato crops could reduce aphid-carried viruses and offer an alternative to declining access to insecticides for growers.
Annual Cambridge Potato Conference will be an online event this year
November 17, 2020
After much discussion and planning by the CUPGRA Executive Committee, it has been decided, owing to COVID-19 restrictions, to go ahead with a virtual conference to continue the unbroken run of 30 successful CUPGRA Cambridge Potato Conferences.
World Potato Congress Inc. Webinar 'Developing the Pipeline from Genomics to New Products' with Dr. Mark Taylor
November 17, 2020
Next World Potato Congress webinar will be held on December 15, 2020, when Mark Taylor of the James Hutton Institute will speak on 'Developing the Pipeline from Genomics to New Products'
Guillaume Liesch, Champ'pom : 'The situation is good in the consumption potato market'
November 17, 2020
The health crisis has taken a toll on the industrial potato market, although the consumer market has not been hit that hard.
El turrón de patatas fritas que deja sordo
November 16, 2020
Albert Adriá sorprende con un turrón elaborado con patatas fritas de bolsa de Lays Gourmet, cobertura de chocolate, chocolate con caramelo y praliné de macadamia tostada. 'Es un turrón que te deja sordo porque cuando lo masticas es tan crujiente que dejas de escuchar a quien te habla'
HZPC: Great supply of certificates offers opportunities for seed potato growers
November 13, 2020
During the half-yearly trading day of potato breeder HZPC Holding B.V., it appeared that the supply of certificates has increased again. The price of the certificate of share has been set at EUR 118,15.
Irish Potato Market Report: retail demand remains strong
November 13, 2020
Consumption and retail demand remains strong as we approach week 4 of lockdown measures although processing trade remains minimal.
Insort Presents Sherlock Safeguard®
November 13, 2020
Insort is proud to announce another major development to increase food safety in food production with the Sherlock Safeguard®. The heart of the machine is the latest generation of the tried and tested Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT® Gen3).