Deep River Snacks Sour Cream and Onion Kettle Chips
    Deep River Snacks, the premium all natural snack brand, today announced an exciting line extension of a krinkle cut Sour Cream &Onion flavored kettle chip.

    Although Deep River Snacks is known for its unique flavor combinations and Sour Cream &Onion is a more common chip flavor, there is nothing ordinary about this new kettle chip.

    The combination of a perfected sour cream &onion flavor with a krinkle cut kettle chip that holds the flavor in the ridges, gives chip eaters an extraordinary new Sour Cream &Onion chip.

    “We know that Sour Cream &Onion is a popular flavor with other chip companies, but we wouldn’t launch this flavor until we were certain that our Sour Cream &Onion chip would stand apart from the competition.” says Jim Goldberg, Deep River Snacks Founder and CEO. “And, we believe that it will quickly become one of our top-selling flavors.”

    Deep River Snacks Sour Cream &Onion Krinkle Cut chips will initially be available in a 2oz grab-and-go size bag and is scheduled to be in stores at the end of the month.

    Source: Deep River Snacks