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Purple: Are you familiar with truffle potatoes?

One of the two purple potato varieties offered by Pomuni: Vitelotte
May 20, 2015
Belgian Potato Supplier Pomuni offers purple potatoes for years, but they are still unfamiliar to many

The purple potato, also called truffle potato because the peel and the flesh are reminiscent of a truffle, has been part of the Pomuni range for years. Nevertheless, this potato is still unknown to many. The origin of this forgotten vegetable lies in Peru.

More antioxidants

Coloured potatoes and vegetables have a number of benefits compared to regular varieties. End 2013 Dr Mary Ruth McDonald said in Fruit and Vegetable Magazine that purple carrots and potatoes contain more antioxidants which fight ageing in humans, as well as cancer. Regular use of purple potatoes lowers your blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Pleasant surprise

"Consumers are not used to seeing purple potatoes", says Frank Wynants, Pomuni chef. Frank regularly represents the company at supermarkets with a food stand, and he always makes a salad containing the purple potato. Reactions are usually surprising, and mainly positive.

Niche product

The truffle potato is still a speciality, i.e. a niche product. The Pomuni range contains 2 different varieties of this potato, Bergerac and Vitelotte. It is a floury variety which keeps its colour after cooking. It has an excellent taste and is suitable for salads, as well as blue French fries or crisps.

Teriyaki of salmon with truffle potatoes

Teriyaki of salmon with truffle potatoes Teriyaki of salmon with truffle potatoes (Vitelotte)

Ingredients for 4 portions as a starter

  • 400 g (+ 1 lb) salmon fillet
  • 4 vitelotte potatoes, not too small
  • 1 small jar of seaweed salad (can be bought ready-made in the supermarket)
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • sesame seeds
  • 8 cocktail sticks

  • Steam the vitelottes until they are 95% done.
  • Cut the potatoes into pieces (as thick as you will be cutting the salmon).
  • Cut the salmon into 8 portions and put a piece of potato and a piece of salmon on each cocktail stick.
  • Coat everything with the teriyaki sauce and marinade for 10 minutes.
  • Grill cocktail sticks until the salmon is half cooked and, in the meantime, again coat with the sauce.
  • Divide the seaweed salad and the cocktail sticks with salmon over the plates and garnish with sesame seeds.
Vitelotte crisps are also very decorative and tasty: use a potato peeler to cut very thin slices of potato and deep-fry them in hot oil (175° C– 350° F) until they are crisp.
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