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British supermarket chain Iceland is selling McCain Unicorn-shaped potatoes for £1: perfect for kids

McCain's new unicorn potatoes will cost £1 in Iceland

PARENTS who struggle to get little ones to eat any veg might want to head down to Iceland as it's going to be selling UNICORN-shaped potato pieces.

The crispy treats have been created by McCain and will be sold exclusively in store and online at Iceland from October 16.

Just like McCain's infamous potato Smiley faces it's just the unicorn's head you'll see in potato form, including its distinctive horn. So you might want to get creative with other veg to create a magical scene on your dinner plate.

A 454g bag will set you back just £1 for the mash potato filled treats that can be cooked from frozen. And that's even cheaper than McCain Smiles, which cost 19p more at £1.19 for the same sized 454g bag online at Iceland.

We couldn't find unicorn-shaped frozen potato sides being sold at any other major retailer. But you could get twice as much for your money with potato waffles, which are similar - Iceland's own-brand version costs £1 for a 908g box of 12.

You could also get a pack of frozen mash from Iceland for £1 for a 908g bag. Before you scoff the lot, bear in mind than 100g of the unicorns contains 225 calories once baked in the oven, which is more than the 193 calories in the same amount of Smiles.

An adult man should eat around 2,500 calories a day, while it's 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.