Lamb Weston's Hot2Home™ Fries win Gold at Casual Dining Show

Lamb Weston Hot2Home™ fries picked up a Gold Award at the Casual Dining Show’s Innovation Challenge.

Lamb Weston has always declared that innovation is at the very core of the company but now the potato processor can validate that claim as it scoops the coveted Gold Award, winning the Casual Dining Show’s Innovation Challenge.

Pitched against some pretty tough competition – there were 16 products in total across food, drink and equipment gunning for the accolade – the revolutionary new Hot2Home™ fries won over the judges at the end of the day.

Visitors to this annual show in London targeting the UK Restaurant and Pub sector, were asked to vote on the first day of the show for the product they thought to be most innovative. If chosen as a finalist, on day 2 the exhibitors had to pitch their product to a panel of industry judges, who were among some of the top casual dining operators in the United Kingdom; Pizza Pilgrims, Loungers, Dishoom, Revolution Bars Group and the Casual Dining Group.

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Lamb Weston presents its Hot2Home™ fries brand

Andrea Deutschmanek, Lamb Weston’s Country Marketing Manager UK & ROI:

“We work to understand the challenges our customers face, always trying to find a better way.”

“Winning this award means that we have succeeded in our goal to be the most inventive potato company in the business.”

“Hot2Home is an exciting, innovative solution in a growing market which can boost sales and create consumer satisfaction for operators.”
The Hot2Home Fries concept works in a winning combination of two parts: newly developed fries with a special ultra-thin starch coating to ensure they stay hot and flavourful for longer, plus a patented packaging that works with the coating on the fries, keeping them, hot and crispy for 20 minutes.

The Hot2Home Fries concept offered by Lamb Weston Meijer in Europe is comparable to the Crispy on Delivery solution offered by Lamb Weston.