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Utkal Tubers appoints Food & Agri industry veteran Vinod Bhat as CEO

Utkal Tubers appoints Food & Agri industry veteran Vinod Bhat as CEO

Zephyr Peacock backed potato seeds company, Utkal Tubers, has announced the appointment of Vinod Bhat, an industry veteran as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With this appointment, the lab-to-land innovation company engaged in potato research, cultivation, and marketing, is moving a step closer to its vision of improving India’s agricultural yield.

Utkal Tubers is committed to innovate and promote sustainable agriculture and improve farmer income.

Vinod Bhat, CEO at Utkal Tubers:

“Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is the largest source of livelihood in India. A majority of the country’s rural households depend on agriculture to earn a living, but the yield is one of the lowest in the world.”

“The sector needs a tech makeover to improve productivity. Utkal has worked with stakeholders including the farmers, researchers and leading agencies across the world to enhance efficiencies in potato production.”

“I am excited to join this team and look forward to helping them deliver their full potential. I believe Utkal can revolutionize potato farming in India.”

Abhijeet Kudva, Managing Director at Zephyr Peacock India:

“We are thrilled to see how Utkalhasgrown and transformed over the past few years. The company continues to innovate to improve agricultural yield and improve farmer income in India.”

“Utkal is on a mission to solve India’s food problems through research driven innovations and we are excited to partner with them in their journey.”

Potato yields in India are only half the global average and over a million farmers are engaged in potato farming in the country.

Vinod will support Utkal’s journey of developing and cultivating high-yield disease-resistant seed potatoes in regions where seed potatoes were not previously cultivated.

Access to quality seeds locally will help farmers avoid transport costs and reduce wastage.

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