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Potato News from Fiji

Potatoes New Zealand ensures top quality potatoes for export to Fiji
Potatoes New Zealand, the industry's governing body has made a commitment to ensure the quality of potatoes imported from New Zealand by Fiji will be of top quality.
Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Agriculture ministry Fiji keeps pushing potato farming
Villagers of the Districts of Yawe and Tavuki (in the province Kadavu, Fiji) heard that the government was promoting potato farming in a select few provinces of Fiji and that Kadavu was one of them.
Fiji potato farmers plant locally grown seed for the first time.
In Fiji, the Ministry of Agriculture is working closely with farmers around the country who are interested in potato farming. This year will be the first year farmers will be planting the locally obtained seeds.
It is Potato Planting Season on Fiji
On Fiji, planting season for potatoes has begun in the Western division.
Roshni Lata of Muanikoso shops for potatoes at a supermarket in Suva, Fiji. (Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU)
Almost 70 new varieties of potato and sweet potato will soon be available to Pacific Island countries and territories, to improve food security across the region.
The potato variety Red Pontiac (Courtesy grandtetonorganics.com)
The Ministry of Agriculture of Fiji has plans to source potato seed materials for the Red Pontiac variety from Australia as it continues its efforts to boost local production.
Sunday, November 30, 2014