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Potato News from Japan

Latest potato chip flavour in Japan for Christmas: Strawberry Shortcake
Every month, Japan seems to get a new odd-flavored snack or candy. You might think that’s peculiar, but just know that many Japanese people do, too.
Sunday, December 13, 2015
potato chips
After several years of negotiations, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) has agreed to allow US chipping potatoes to be transported overland from an international port to an approved processing facility in Kagoshima.
TOMRA Sorting announces Japanese Language Website
TOMRA Sorting Food has launched a Japanese website, underlining the importance of Japan to the company’s global business strategy.
センサーベースの選別装置で世界をリードするトムラソーティング食品部門は弊社のグローバル ビジネス戦略を皆様へお伝えするために日本語版のホームページを開設致しました。
KFC Japan stops selling french fries due to crippled potato exports from the US
Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan has stopped selling fries, as industrial disputes that have crimped potato exports from the US took another bite out of the country's fast food market.
McDonalds Japan to only sell small fries
McDonald's Japan is to only sell small portions of fries starting December 17, in response to the french fry shortage in the country.