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Lazarus Chakwera, president of Malawi

Malawi: Tobacco losing ground to potatoes

May 03, 2021
For decades, tobacco has been Malawi’s main foreign exchange earner. However, when he opened this year’s tobacco marketing season on Tuesday, president Lazarus Chakwera stunned his audience saying this industry is dying.
Disease resistant potato seeds launched in Dedza

Disease resistant potato seeds launched in Dedza

July 09, 2019
In an effort to combat diseases which have been hampering potato yields for the past two years in Dedza, International Potato Centre (CIP) recently handed over disease resistant Irish potato seeds to ten farmers in the district.

Irish potatoes leading a revolution in Malawi

July 11, 2012
In the blazing African heat, enterprising Malawian women are helping to spearhead a 'potato revolution' which aims to beat the scourge of hunger and poverty.


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